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Persia tours has made it Safe and easy to get what you need for your travel to Iran or even if not you can get a gift for somebody you care for.
. you also more than welcomed to sell your original and related stuff here.

PersiaTours’s Store offers books, posters, postcards, gifts, cloths, handicrafts, carpet, silverware, guidebooks ...etc so you can give your loved ones something that they will really love.


A Glance at the Historical Building of Ardabil
Biouk Jame'ee

An introduction to the historical buildings of Ardabil province in which the following buildings and monuments are fully presented. Jaame mosque, Mausoleum of Sheikh Sa'fi, Mausoleum of S.A. Gabriel, Curaim, the church of the Holy Merriam, bazaar, etc.

Bouyouk Jamei( 1995)- Persian
Paperback, 204pp, Dimensions(in cm): 14x21
Price: $2

A Glimpse of Iran

The book presents a collection of images of Iran, including venues, portrays of different Iranian tribes, nature and people's living.

Yasavoli( 1998)- Persian
Hardcover, 92pp, Dimensions(in cm): 22x22.5
Price: $13

A Passion for Iran
A group of photographers

A collection of photographs by different photographers presenting people, historic sites, natural landscapes, etc. of different regions of Iran.

Yassavoli( 1998)- Persian
Hardcover, 142pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24x31
Price: $30

A Pictorial Guide Book to St. Bethlahm Church of New Julfa Isfahan
Rev. Hamazasb (Hacob) Arakelian

The Bethlehem church is one of the largest and most magnificent churches of Isfahan that is built in 1628 AD. This book besides giving an over all explanation about the church building presents 72 paintings displayed in this church.

Nassiri( 1999)- Persian/English/Armenia
Paperback, 114pp, Dimensions(in cm): 22 x 19
Price: $15

A Review in the Historical Geography of Zarand and Kouhbanan
Reza Kordi Karim Abadi

Zarand is a city in Kerman province, and this book gives a full coverage of the natural and historical geography, economic history of this city.

The Center for the Studies on Kerman( 1998)- Persian
Paperback, 253pp, Dimensions(in cm): 16.5x23.5
Price: $5

Abyaneh and Its People Culture
Zein-ol-abedin Khansari Abyaneh

Abyaneh is a village located in the central Iran, between the cities of Kashan and Natanz. The book offers Abyaneh's historical and religious sites, people's everyDay life, their clothes, customs in ceremonies such as marriage, Norooz (New Year's Day),

Ganjineh Honar( 1999)- Persian
Paperback, 200pp, Dimensions(in cm): 16.5x23.5
Price: $4.5

Abdolreza Salar Behzadi

This illustrated book describes Bam Citadel located in Kerman province.

Kerman Car Manufacturing Industriesi( 1997)- English./Persian.
Paperback, 48pp, Dimensions(in cm): 23.5x22
Price: $8.5

Dezful the City of Bricks
Gholamreza Na'ima

From archithectural viewpoints, the auther explains Desful's old buildings made of bricks, all with illustrations, maps and plans in detail.

ICHO( 1997)- Persian
Paperback, 308pp, Dimensions(in cm): 32.5 x 23.5
Price: $11

Doors and Windows
Nasrollah Kasraian

The photographer presents a collection of very beautiful doors and windows of different historic houses and buildings from all over Iran.

Cheshmeh( 2000)- Persian
Paperback, 80pp, Dimensions(in cm): 16 x 16
Price: $8.5

From Pasargadae to Darab

This illustrated textbook presents Fars province venues such as Pasargad, Estakhr, Naghsh-e Rajab, Naghsh-e Rostam, Bishapour.

Yasavoli( 1997)- Persian
Hardcover, 104pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24.5x31.5
Price: $26

Geography and Urban Planning of Kerman
Ali Zangi Abadi

This book provides a comprehensive image of the old urban planning of Kerman, its historical geography, elements of defense and commerce of this ancient city.

The Center for the Studies on Kerman( 1991)- Persian
Paperback, 337pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21 x 28
Price: $4.5

Hatra, the City of the Sun God
Foad Safar &Mohammad Ali Mostafaee

A comprehensive presentation of the historical aspects of Hatra, the religious belief and ceremonies of inhabitants of this city, and their stone carvings, sculptury, costumes and architecture activities.

ICHO( 1997)- Persian
Paperback, 496pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21 x 28
Price: $19.5

Iran and Iranians
Vivian C.Wood

This well-illustrated textbook shows Iran, people and their way of living. The book presents different parts of Iran from north to south and east to west in detail.

Yasavoli( 1998)- Persian
Hardcover, 144pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24.5x31.5
Price: $32.5

Iran Man, Nature, Life
Ali-akbar Abdolrashidi

Afshin Bakhtiar's fine photos of Iran presents nature, cultural heritage, people's every Day life in cities and villages, their customs with comprehensive description.

Gooya Art and Culture House( 2000)- English./Persian
Hardcover, 188pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24x35
Price: $60

Iran- Yazd Historical Sights
Hossein Masserat A. Ghoraei

A book containing photographs and descriptions about the city of Yazd, its architecture, demographic and ethnographic background

Nas( 1999)- English./Persian
Hardcover, 160pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24.5 x33.5
Price: $30

Iranian Bazaars
Kamran Adl

This book includes a collection of images of the city of Isfahan, with detailed architectural views of some monuments.

Kamran Adl( 1992)- Persian
Hardcover, 170pp, Dimensions(in cm): 27.5x27.5
Price: $20


This book includes a collection of images of the city of Isfahan, with detailed architectural views of some monuments.

Yassavoli( 1998)- English./Persian
Hardcover, 166pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24.5x32.5
Price: $35

Ahmad Mir-Alaee

This book consists of beautiful images of Isfahan's historic environment. It shows its venues, nature and Zayandeh-rood river, people at work, Bazaar, etc.

Rozaneh( 1999)- English./Persian
Hardcover, 166pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24.5x32.5
Price: $35

Ispahan L'espace voile du desir

The book is a collection of 51 Allen Bayash paintings in watercolor. He is a French painter who has painted of the historic buildings of Isfahan.

Yassavoli( 2000)- Persian /English/French
Hardcover, 68pp, Dimensions(in cm): 22x29.5
Price: $22

Jame (Congregational) Mosque of Esfahan
Eugene Galdieri

The author stayed for eight consecutive years (1970-1978) in Iran and the present book embodies his scientific studies and architectural researches, which helped clarify some points remained obscure about the history, architecture and structure of the majestic of Esfahan.

ICHO( 1991)- Persian
Paperback, 211pp, Dimensions(in cm): 29 x 22
Price: $2

Jumeh Mosque of Isfahan During Ale Buyeh Period
Eugene Galdieri

A report about the excavation work done in this mosque in 1972.

National Organization for Conservation( 0)- Persian
Paperback, 113pp, Dimensions(in cm): 16.5 x 23.5
Price: $2

Kashan, Pearl of the Great Kavir

This book is a collection of beautiful images from the city of Kashan. It shows historic sites, people, Bazaar, carpet weaving and religious ceremonies in this old and traditional city.

Yasavoli( 1999)- English./Persian.
Hardcover, 158pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24.5x31
Price: $39


A beautiful selection of images from Kerman Province. It shows and explains historic sites of different cities such as Kerman, Bam, Sirjan, to name a few.

Kerman Quarterly( 1998)- English./Persian.
Hardcover, 180pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24x34.5
Price: $44

List of Historic Monuments of Eastern Azarbaijan
Mohammad-Ali Mokhlessi

The List of Historic Monuments of Eastern Azarbaijan, is the first independent publication of this type, compiled by the collaborators of the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, included all the altered information, newly registered monuments and recent restorations

ICHO( 1992)- Persian
Paperback, 236pp, Dimensions(in cm): 23.5 x 16.5
Price: $1.25

Our Homeland Iran
Ziba Arshi N. Kasraian

A collection of photographs by N. Kasraian that covers many features of life, nature, costumes and traditions of almost every region of Iran.

N. Kasraian( 1999)- Persian/English
Paperback, 220pp, Dimensions(in cm): 23.5 x 24.5
Price: $37

Parsa (Persepolis)
Werner Felix Dutz and Sylvia A.Matheson

This book presents a photographic survey of Persepolis, engravings and decries different customs held in the palace.

Yasavoli( 1998)- English
Hardcover, 104pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24.5x31
Price: $26

James Wait

A descriptive collection of photos presents Iran's venues, nature, people and their culture.

Yasavoli( 2000)- Persian/English
Hardcover, 128pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24x31
Price: $32.5

Hayd Mari Kokh

This highly illustrated book with beautiful photographs presents Persepolis palace -built in Achaemenian period- with descriptive text.

Yasavoli( 2000)- German
Hardcover, 110pp, Dimensions(in cm): 22x29
Price: $26

Persepolis the Achaemenians Capitals
R. Ghirshman

The fine photographs in this book with explanatory text present Persepolis palace, which was built in Achaemenian period.

Yasavoli( 2000)- English
Hardcover, 114pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24x32.5
Price: $37

Province Esfahan
Iraj Afshar Sistani

This book comprehensively describes Esfahan province, its cultural, social and architectural situation with illustrations.

Hirmand ( 1999)- Persian
Paperback, 549pp, Dimensions(in cm): 14 x 21
Price: $10.5

Province Khorasan
Iraj Afshar Sistani

This book comprehensively describes Khorasan province, its cultural, social and architectural situation with illustrations.

Hirmand( 1999)- Persian
Paperback, 500pp, Dimensions(in cm): 14 x 21
Price: $9.5

Province Yazd
Iraj Afshar Sistani

This book comprehensively describes Yazd province, its cultural, social and architectural situation with illustrations.

Hirmand( 1999)- Persian
Paperback, 368pp, Dimensions(in cm): 14 x 21
Price: $8

Sculptures and Sculptors at Persepolis
Michael Ref

The author attempts to take advantage of the evidence existing in the bas-relief of presupposes in order to reach information about its stone-carvers. The book includes 13 chapters on stone-carvers, the analysis of carving method, the architecture of Persepolis, . Is amply illustrated.

ICHO ( 1998)- Persian
Hardcover, 272pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21.5 x 28.5
Price: $2.5

Seven Climes of Iran

This book contains a wide selection of images that look at the buildings and the people living and working in seven climatic parts of Iran. - English

Yassavoli( 1998)- English/Persian
Hardcover, 224pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24x31.5
Price: $39

Aliakbar Abdolrashidi

This book is a collection of beautiful images from Sirjan, one of the oldest cities in Kerman Province. It depicts its people and their life in Bazaar, in city and ethnic groups, and handicrafts, traditions, nature and presents economy of this city.

Kerman Quarterly( 1999)- English/Persian
Hardcover, 120pp, Dimensions(in cm): 22x29
Price: $26

Tehran at a Glance

The book includes images of Tehran photographed by different photographers from people, historic sites, natural landscapes, culture and tradition of urban environment.

Tehran Municipality( 1995)- English/Persian
Hardcover, 190pp, Dimensions(in cm): 28 x 28
Price: $32

The Sofreh of Kamo
Parviz Tanavoli,Ehteshami and Sadeqsa

The hand woven spreads of the village Kamo close to the city of Kashan are explained illustratively in this book.

Yassavoli( 1998)- English
Hardcover, 108pp, Dimensions(in cm): 22x23
Price: $17.5

The South
Ziba Arshi

The images of this eminent photographer beautifully present the people, historic sites, nature and cities of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea coasts. This well-illustrated book also explains the history of area, cultural, historical, political, social and economical situation of that area.

Cheshmeh( 1996)- English./Persian.
Hardcover, 142pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24.5x33
Price: $30

The Fabulous Land of Iran Colorful & Vigorous Folklore
Jaber Anaseri

A selection of different photographers' photos covers the topics such as history, architecture, nature, and culture with explanatory text

Yasavoli( 2000)- English
Hardcover, 248pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24x29.5
Price: $54

The History of Khajeh Khezr Mosque and Quarter of Kerman
Mohammad Daneshvar

The history of the Khajeh Khezr region in Kerman province and the mosque associated with this name is comprehensively discussed in this book.

Kermanology Center( 1996)- Persian
Paperback, 463pp, Dimensions(in cm): 16x23.5
Price: $5

Touring Iran

This book presents beautiful images taken by different photographers from historic sites, people, and their everyDay life in different parts of Iran.

Yasavoli( 1998)- English./Persian.
Hardcover, 132pp, Dimensions(in cm): 22x23.5
Price: $17.5

Mausoleum Monuments

It examines the burials with detailed maps and illustrations covering the topics such as mausoleums, holy shrines, castles, domes from sepulchral historical viewpoint.

Hozeh Honari( 1997)- Persian
Paperback, 682pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21.5x28.5
Price: $13

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