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Persia tours has made it Safe and easy to get what you need for your travel to Iran or even if not you can get a gift for somebody you care for.
. you also more than welcomed to sell your original and related stuff here.

PersiaTours’s Store offers books, posters, postcards, gifts, cloths, handicrafts, carpet, silverware, guidebooks ...etc so you can give your loved ones something that they will really love.

A Review in the Historical Geography of Zarand and Kouhbanan
Reza Kordi Karim Abadi

Zarand is a city in Kerman province, and this book gives a full coverage of the natural and historical geography, economic history of this city.

The Center for the Studies on Kerman( 1998)- Persian
Paperback, 253pp, Dimensions(in cm): 16.5x23.5
Price: $5

Ardeshir Khodadadian

This book comprehensively discusses the history of Achaemenians, the reason for the fall of Medians, different rulers of the Achaemenian dynasty, social rules and administration of this historical period.

Nashr-e Behdid( 1999)- Persian
Paperback, 378pp, Dimensions(in cm): 17 x 23.5
Price: $8.5

Aryans and Medes
Ardeshir Khodaverdian

This book explains the history and civilization of Aryan's and Medians colony. The book comprehensively describes their way of living, language, religion and economy. It also explains about the Median kings, art, architecture and their precious art works.

Behdid( 2000)- Persian
Paperback, 256pp, Dimensions(in cm): 16x23
Price: $6.5

Eight Archaeological Discourses and The History of Baluchestan
Seyyed Mansoor Seyyed Sajjadi

In this book, a collection of the authors researches and articles printed in archaeological, historical and ethnological publications are reproduced. An introduction to historic, geographic and popular sources, dialects, Baluch tribes, religion and rituals, the language, culture and others outlook of this ancient region of Iran are included.

ICHO( 1995)- Persian
Paperback, 440pp, Dimensions(in cm): 28 x 21
Price: $4.25

Folklore of Shaahrud
Seyyed Aliasghar Shariat zadeh

Shaahroud is a city in north of Iran. This book presents information about the history, geography, folklore and tradition of the city.

Seyyed Aliasghar Shariat zadeh( 1992)- Persian
Paperback, 564pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21.5 x 28
Price: $9

Geography and Urban Planning of Kerman
Ali Zangi Abadi

This book provides a comprehensive image of the old urban planning of Kerman, its historical geography, elements of defense and commerce of this ancient city.

The Center for the Studies on Kerman( 1991)- Persian
Paperback, 337pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21 x 28
Price: $4.5

History of Jiroft and Kahnooj
Azizollah Safa

A comprehensive book on the history and geography of two cities of Kerman province, Jiroft and Kahnooj, and different ruling systems over them in the past.

Center for the Studies of Kerman( 1994)- Persian
Paperback, 194pp, Dimensions(in cm): 16x23
Price: $4

Iran's Cultural Prespective
A group of authors

This book offers information about history, religion, literature, art and cultural heritage of Iran.

Ilam( 1999)- Persian
Paperback, 475pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24x31
Price: $78

Larousse Encyclopedia of Ancient and Medieval History

This is the Persian translation of the first volume of Larousse Encyclopedia on the history of the world. It presents information about the prehistoric man, Far Eastern Empires, other great empires of the ancient world, conquest of the Barbarians, the birth of Europe and Medieval ages.

Soroosh( 1999)- Persian
Paperback, 550pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21x28.5
Price: $39

Nader Nameh
M. H. Ghodousi

Biography of King Nader

National Relics Association( 1960)- Persian
Hardcover, 724pp, Dimensions(in cm): 17x24.5
Price: $12

Norooz and Its Astronomical Foundations to the Persepolis
Yahya Zoka

A brief research about the historical roots of Norooz Celebration and the related patterns in bas-relief stone carvings of the Persepolis.

Ganjineh Honar and ICHO( 1998)- Persian
Paperback, 72pp, Dimensions(in cm): 16.5x23
Price: $1.5

Morteza Honari

A comprehensive study on the historical roots of Norooz Celebration.

Nashr-e Sarva( 1998)- Persian
Paperback, 198pp, Dimensions(in cm): 14.5x21
Price: $3.5

On-Horse Battles
Hubertus von Gall

The remaining battlefield drawings in Sassanian and Parthian periods are presented in this book. It includes engravings, wall paintings and sculpture and studies the Iranian armored soldiers as a historic phenomenon.

Nasim Danesh( 1999)- Persian
Paperback, 208pp, Dimensions(in cm): 17x24
Price: $9

Prehistoric Iran
Sadeq Malek Shahmirzadi

This book touches on topics such as Iran's districts in archaeological research, reviewing historic sites, Iran in gathering food, Iran in producing food and settling in villages, reviewing historic sites from Neolithic era to the early time of urban life

ICHO( 1999)- Persian
Paperback, 575pp, Dimensions(in cm): 16.5x23
Price: $11

Proceedings of the Second Seminar on a decade of Kermanology

A collection of 25 articles about the history, monuments and the celebrities of Kerman province.

Center for the Studies on Kerman( 1995)- Persian
Paperback, 386pp, Dimensions(in cm): 16x23
Price: $4.5

Kerman in Research

It comprises 28 research articles about literature, history, culture and art of Kerman province.

The Center for the Studies on Kerman( 1991)- Persian
Paperback, 382pp, Dimensions(in cm): 15.5x 23.5
Price: $3

Roads and Robats
Mohammad Karim Pirnia & Keramatellah Afsar

This book comprises two main sections, on the roads and the pre-Islamic and Islamic monuments in Iran. Roads, transportation and its development in various historic periods, the natural disposition of the Iranian plateau, the itinerary of migrating Aryan tribes, communication roads, animals and utensils, roadside facilities, the Silk Road, land and sea routes, robats, sabats, caravansaries, milestone towers, road post minarets, travel necessities, ancient bridges, post and postal horses, etc. from ancient times to the present are discussed in this book.

ICHO & Armin publishers( 1991)- Persian
Hardcover, 220pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21 x 14
Price: $1.25

Manoochehr Danesh Pagooh

The book completely explains the history of Shiraz, its social and cultural and natural situation in different periods.

Hirmand( 1998)- Persian
Paperback, 286pp, Dimensions(in cm): 14.5 x 21
Price: $5.5

Karim Emami

Beautifully illustrated, the book covers information about the city of Shiraz, its past and present and ethnical tribal living of this city.

Zarin & Simin( 1999)- English/Persian
Hardcover, 146pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24.5x33
Price: $39

Tehran Capitale Bicentenaire
Shahriar Adl, Bernard Hourcade

A collection of articles about Tehran that was chosen as the capital 200 years ago.

Institute Francais de Recherche en Iran( 1996)- Persian
Paperback, 457pp, Dimensions(in cm): 16.5 x 24
Price: $8

The 3200 Year-Old Tehran
Seyfollah Kambakhsh

A comprehensive historical account of the 3200 years history of Tehran, with in depth explanations about geography, nature, culture and clay handcraft of its inhabitants in different millennia.

Faza Cultural and Scientific Institute( 1991)- Persian
Hardcover, 212pp, Dimensions(in cm): 23 x 30
Price: $6.5

The History of Iranian Arts, volume 8 (Saljuqid and Kharazmi Arts)
Margrita Cattelli and Louis Hambis

This book covers the historical situation of these two periods and discusses the characteristics of the artistic activities of the time. It is supplemented with a Persian to English glossary.

Mola( 1997)- Persian
Paperback, 135pp, Dimensions(in cm): 14.5 x 21.5
Price: $3.5

The History of Iranian Arts, volume 9 (Ilkhanid and Teimorid Arts)
Umberto Schrato and Ernest Grube

This volume of the 12 volume series presents different aspects of artistic activities of these two periods such as architecture, painting, pottery, metal work, calligraphy, binding and decorative arts. Supplemented with a Persian to English glossary.

Mola( 1997)- Persian
Paperback, 115pp, Dimensions(in cm): 14.5 x 21.5
Price: $3

The History of Iranian Arts, volume 11 (Painting Art of Iran)
B.W. Robinson

It presents the history of painting in Iran between 751 to 1896AD and covers various styles related to different historical periods within this time span. It is supplemented with a Persian to English glossary

Mola( 1997)- Persian
Paperback, 165pp, Dimensions(in cm): 14.5 x 21.5
Price: $4

The History of Iranian Arts, volume 12 (Iranian Performing Art)
Gian Roberto Scarcia

A general directory about the performing art centers in different Iran's provinces, supplemented with a Persian to English glossary.

Mola( 1997)- Persian
Paperback, 144pp, Dimensions(in cm): 14.5 x 21.5
Price: $5

The Slukids
Ardeshir Khodadadian

The life story of Alexander the Great and the historical developments 306 to 65 BC are explained in this book.

Behdid( 1999)- Persian
Paperback, 291pp, Dimensions(in cm): 17 x 23.5
Price: $7.5

The South
Ziba Arshi

The images of this eminent photographer beautifully present the people, historic sites, nature and cities of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea coasts. This well-illustrated book also explains the history of area, cultural, historical, political, social and economical situation of that area.

Cheshmeh( 1996)- English/Persian
Hardcover, 142pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24.5x33
Price: $30

The Winged Ghost A research on the postdeath concept of life in the ancient Iran
Mohammadreza Pourhaghani

This illustrated book gives detailed descriptive explanations about Mehr and Zoroastrian religion and its influence on the art of Median and Achaemenian periods.

Zarih( 1998)- Persian
Paperback, 112pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21.5 x 28.5
Price: $3.5

Visible Treasure

This is a selection of the black and white photographs from the magnificent collection of photographs kept in the archive of the Golestan Palace Museum of Tehran. These photographs date back to more than a hundred years ago, related to Qajar Period and some are considered as very unique and historic.

ICHO & Research Office( 1998)- English/Persian
Hardcover, 176pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24x34.5
Price: $41

Wise Book

Selection of Shahnameh, Ferdowsis's poems with an introduction by Elahi Ghomeshai. Karam Ali Shirazi has done the calligraphy, which are beautifully designed.

Beh Nashr Company( 1990)- Persian
Hardcover, 224pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24.5 x 34
Price: $44

Ya'qub Lays
M. B. Parizi

Life history of Ya'qub Lays Saffari one of the Iranian rulers of the 9th century A.D., with a brief description about Sistan Province.

The Center for the Studies on Kerman( 1998)- Persian
Paperback, 480pp, Dimensions(in cm): 14.5 x 21.5
Price: $7

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