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Persia tours has made it Safe and easy to get what you need for your travel to Iran or even if not you can get a gift for somebody you care for.
. you also more than welcomed to sell your original and related stuff here.

PersiaTours’s Store offers books, posters, postcards, gifts, cloths, handicrafts, carpet, silverware, guidebooks ...etc so you can give your loved ones something that they will really love.


Aqa Lutf-Ali Suratgar
Aydin Aghdashloo

In this collection, the author has attempted to bring together all the works of the Master Lotf-Ali Suratgar currently preserved in governmental and private collections and usually inaccessible to art lovers. Through its enjoyable text and particular divisions, this book introduces the book covers, boxes, pen-boxes and paintings exquisitely illustrated with the Masters incomparable flowers, birds and portraits.

ICHO( 1997)- English/Persian
Paperback, 228pp, Dimensions(in cm): 31.4 x 24.4
Price: $39

Bakhtiaris, Textiles and Patterns
Farahnaz Qaziani

In four sections laid out in 12 chapters, the author presents generalities on the Bakhtiaris and their living area, their crafts and occupations and eventually suggestions concerning their textiles.

ICHO( 1997)- Persian
Paperback, 244pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24 x 17
Price: $5.75

Frenzied Love

The book shows Ali-Akbar San'ti's masterpieces in sculpting, painting and his other artistic works. The book shows Ali-Akbar San'ti's masterpieces in sculpting, painting and his other artistic works.

Negar( 1997)- English/Persian
Hardcover, 150pp, Dimensions(in cm): 33x24
Price: $30

Golestan-e Khial (The Flower Garden of Imagination)
Fatemeh Karimi

Being published in commemoration of the 600th anniversary of Kajeh Hafez Shirazi it also contains pictures of the special exhibition held by ICHO on the occasion. This exhibition illuminated calligraphic works, miniature paintings, carpets, pulpits, chests, doors, wood inlay panels, prayer niches, terra cotta and metal vessels, coins, engraved items and mirror cases crafted at the time of Hafez and preserved in ICHO's museums.

ICHO( 1998)- English./ Japanese
Hardcover, 139pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21 x 21
Price: $23

Introduction to the Art of Iranian Tile Work
M. Y Kiani, F. Karimi, A. Ghouchani

This book explains the art of tile work and introduces different kinds of tiles.

Reza Abbasi Museum( 1983)- Persian
Paperback, 100pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21.5x28
Price: $2

Iran- Yazd Historical Sights
Hossein Masserat,A. Ghoraei

A book containing photographs and descriptions about the city of Yazd, its architecture, demographic and ethnographic background.

Nas( 1999)- Persian/English
Hardcover, 160pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24.5 x33.5
Price: $30

Iranian Architecture
A. Poop

An introduction to some of the aspects of Iranian architecture from Achaemenian to Safavid period, covering Sulukian, Sassanian, Saljuqid, Mongol and Teimorid periods as well.

Farhangan( 1994)- Persian
Hardcover, 288pp, Dimensions(in cm): 22.5 x 27
Price: $9

Iranian Carpet
Shirin Sooresrafil

The author explains Iranian carpet in detail, with an English summary at the end.

Shirin Sooresrafil( 2000)- Persian
Hardcover, 230pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24 x 30
Price: $22

Iranian Dyes
Shirin Sooresrafil

Natural dyes and dying in carpet industry is comprehensively explained in this book.

Carpet Research Company( 1999)- Persian
Paperback, 180pp, Dimensions(in cm): 17 x 24
Price: $10

Iranian Glass
Shinji Fukai

The original book is in Japanese. A collaborator of the research vice-directorate of the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, the author has translated this valuable book from its English version, translated by Edna B, Crawford. In this book, early prehistoric glass-ware of Ilam, Marlik, Hassanlu and Deyalaman down to the Achaemenian period, Achaemenian, Parthian and Sassanian glassware, excavation sites and the disposition therein of glass items, the forms, production methods and decoration manners of glass vessels, glass decorative items, glass-making in the Islamic period, as well as notes, lists of names, lists of places, museums, private and governmental collections and Persian and English lexicons are included

ICHO( 1992)- Persian
Paperback, 244pp, Dimensions(in cm): 28.4 x 21.5
Price: $5.75

Iran's Tile Work(5 vols.)
Mahmood Maher-ol-naghsh

A comprehensive description of Iranian tile works with detailed views of buildings' tile designings.

Reza Abbasi Museum( 1983)- Persian
Hardcover, 201pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24.5x29.5
Price: $12

Masterpieces of Fars Rugs
Sirous Parham

A lucid encyclopaedic work, rich in ethnological and art historical material, which will remain the primary reference on Fars rugs for years to come.The whole panorama of Fars tribal and village weaving art is laid out in a general introduction covering the history of Fars carpet making and carpet studies, the weavers and their weavings, and the ornaments, techniques and materials employed. The descriptive comments on the 117 examples published in full color, highlight notable features in the design and color aesthetics of the best piled and flatwoven rugs made by 7 major tribes and some 27 locales most of them introduced for the first time. Illustrating 91 pile rugs, 14 gabbehs and 13 gelims, the book faithfully represents the choice holding of 6 museums and 11 outstanding private collections the word over

Soroush Press( 1996)- English./Persian.
Hardcover, 227pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21.5 x 30
Price: $130

Monajaat Nameh
The Book of Fervent Prayer of Imam Ali

This book is hand written by Mir Emad, the eminent calligrapher of the 11th century AH. It is printed from the original art piece on display in the Golestan Palace Museum. The binding of the book is in folded scroll, held with a decorative hardcover.

ICHO( 1998)- English./ Persian./ Arabic
Hardcover, 24pp, Dimensions(in cm): 14.5 x 23
Price: $13

My Carpets
Mahdi Moeeni, Mozaffar SheyDayee

Drawing in an easy way by using carpet patterns for kindergarten children.

Saz va Kar( 1997)- Persian
Paperback, 12pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21 x 29
Price: $1

Pattern History of Hamedan Carpet
Shirin Sooresrafil

The book provides information about the patterns and history of carpets woven in Hamedan province

Nashr-e Mina( 1996)- Persian
Hardcover, 220pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24.5x 32
Price: $30

Persian Carpets

The history and process of carpet weaving, the material used, the dying procedure, designing the weaving machines and instruments along with the classification of carpets are fully explained in this book. Furthermore this book introduces the methods to take care of the carpets.

Mohammad-Javad Nasiri( 1995)- Persian
Hardcover, 234pp, Dimensions(in cm): 17.5x24.5
Price: $22

Persian Klims
Alastair Hull & Nicholas Barnard

A comprehensive book about the history and origin of kilim, weaving techniques and variety of styles in kilim weaving and patterns plus a supplemented section of exquisite and unique photographs about kilim.

Yassavoli( 2000)- Persian/English
Hardcover, 96pp, Dimensions(in cm): 22 x 29
Price: $22

Persian Pottery
Leila Rafiee

A comprehensive review of the developments of methods and tools involved in pottery and clay works of Iranians from prehistoric to present time.

Yassavoli( 1998)- Persian
Hardcover, 250pp, Dimensions(in cm): 22x29.5
Price: $20

Simin Lakpoor

The author is a curator at the National Museum of Iran. The present book is the outcome of her studies and experiences on an ancient type of bronze artifacts known as Sefid-Ruy. Ancient and modern metal-workers have called this alloy under such names as white tin, bell metal, mirror metal, Chinese bronze, kharsini, taliqun and haft-jush.

ICHO( 1996)- Persian
Paperback, 140pp, Dimensions(in cm): 29.5 x 21
Price: $13.5

The Kurdish Weaver, the Painter of His Mind
Massud Rahimi

In this book, the author, a painter and researcher describes the influence of nature on Kurdish textiles and their visual values.

ICHO( 1997)- Persian
Paperback, 133pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24 x 17
Price: $2.5

The Unabridged Yadvareh Persian Carpet Dictionary
Ahmad Daneshgar

The book is set up like a dictionary with all the words related to carpet.

Yadvareh Asadi( 1997)- Persian
Hardcover, 626pp, Dimensions(in cm): 22 x 29
Price: $35

Wood Carving: Techniques & Projects
James B. Johnstone

An educational book which explains the techniques and projects of wood carving, with a glossary at the end.

Iran Technology Publication( 1999)- Persian
Paperback, 84pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21.5 x 28.5
Price: $3

Persian Carpet

A collection from carpet museum of Iran

Andisheh Zand( 2001)- English
Hardcover, 141pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21.5 x 15
Price: $30

Persian Carpet

A collection from carpet museum of Iran

Andisheh Zand( 2001)- Farsi
Hardcover, 141pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21.5 x 15
Price: $19.5


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