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Persia tours has made it Safe and easy to get what you need for your travel to Iran or even if not you can get a gift for somebody you care for.
. you also more than welcomed to sell your original and related stuff here.

PersiaTours’s Store offers books, posters, postcards, gifts, cloths, handicrafts, carpet, silverware, guidebooks ...etc so you can give your loved ones something that they will really love.


A collection of photographs presented to the photo contest titled "Architecture and Light"

ICHO( 1996)- Persian
Paperback, 64pp, Dimensions(in cm): 22 x 22
Price: $11

Collection of Articles of the Iranian Architecture and Urban Planning Congress / Citadel of Bam, Kerman (3rd vol.)

The articles of this collection are on the architecture of the Holy Kaba and the Masjed-ol-Haram, recovered areas, towers and ramparts, dwellings and habitations in southeastern Iran, street architecture, structural analysis, early mosques, etc.

ICHO( 1996)- Persian
Paperback, 656pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24 x 16.5
Price: $6.75

Collection of articles of the Iranian Architecture and Urban Planning Congress / Citadel of Bam, Kerman (4rd vol.)

Thirty- three long and short articles on the mosque, mystical researches in architectural geometry, the results of on-site surveys of several monuments in Esfahan, Gilan, Kashan, Nain, Chahar-Mehal va Bakhtiari and Tehran, Iranian pavilions and gardens, the ecology of ancient cities, the salient architectural features of some Islamic periods, heating systems in buildings, the formation of the proportions of Iranian houses and the balance of historic urban fabric are presented.

ICHO( 1996)- Persian
Paperback, 656pp, Dimensions(in cm): 24 x 16.5
Price: $6.75

Inlay on Wood
Minoo Karim Nia

A comprehensive presentation about wood inlay, a traditional Iranian art. This book, besides describing the historical background of this art, introduces the methods, tools and material used in this art. It is supplemented with a brief English explanation.

ICHO( 1999)- Persian
Paperback, 136pp, Dimensions(in cm): 2.5 x 22
Price: $9

Iranian Capitals
Mohammad Yusef Kiani

In this book, some 25 areas and towns which have assumed the role of Iran's capital since Median times to the present are introduced by 17 writers, researchers and professors, through maps, plans and elegant illustrations.

ICHO( 1996)- Persian
Hardcover, 946pp, Dimensions(in cm): 30 x 21.5
Price: $23

Iranian Caravansaries
Mohammad Yusef Kiani & Wolfram Kleis

Amply illustrated with b/w and color photographs, this book introduces Iranian caravansaries alongside rare plans and sketches. Some 500 countryside caravansaries are introduced, each with its name, geographic location, plan type, age, decoration, construction materials and record number.

ICHO( 1994)- Persian
Hardcover, 784pp, Dimensions(in cm): 29.5 x 22
Price: $13.5

List of Iranian Caravasaries (2rd vol.)
Mohammad Yusef Kiani & Wolfram Kleis

This book introduces caravansaries located in mountainous regions and on the shallow coast of the Persian Gulf, two and four-iwan caravansaries and a miscellany of such constructions, together with road maps, tables recording their geographic location, sage, decoration, construction materials, historic inventory number and descriptive illustrations

ICHO( 1989)- Persian
Hardcover, 160pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21 x 28
Price: $3

Perennial Values in Iranian Architecture
Ali-Akbar Saremi & Taqi Radmard

The authors have sought common concepts and elements in Iranian traditional architecture and effected a comparison with western architecture taking all the aspects of this art into consideration. The architecture of quadruple vaulted multi-purpose houses of Dezful are discussed in view of symmetrical, complete and asymmetrical house depending on prevailing conditions. In a discussion on the entrances of Dezful houses, the mysteries of architectural decoration in this city are described. Fixed and variable elements in the architecture of the bazaar of Esfahan the realization of its concepts in contemporary architecture are other topics included in this captivating book.

ICHO( 1997)- Persian
Paperback, 156pp, Dimensions(in cm): 21 x 28
Price: $3.7

The Timurid Architecture of Iran & Turan
Lisa Golombek & Donald Wilber

This book is the outcome of several expedition trips by the writers to Iran covers the Timurid architecture between 1360 and 1510 AD. The subjects presented in this book are: building design, material and tools, decorations, garden design and the methods to identify the Timurid architecture from others.

ICHO( 1995)- Persian
Paperback, 1200pp, Dimensions(in cm): 22
Price: $22.5

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