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  Galleries    :: Picture :: Iran

Iran: an endless and continued stream of ingenuity across ages and centuries. Do we really realize how much in our lives can actually be brought back to an Iranian root? From construction to irrigation, from architecture to design, from astronomy to science, from aesthetics to gastronomy, from philosophy to economy. The list is endless and there is virtually no field in human activity that hasn't seen some kind of outstanding contribution by Iranian minds and the manifestation of that unique combination of curiosity, innovation, adventure and ability to enjoy life that we may call - the Iranian spirit. It is an uninterrupted line of explorers, poets, artists, architects, thinkers and scientists that links past and present seamlessly. Our small Gallery of Portraits, with contemporary as well as ancient art work, intends to symbolize such continuity in time, while paying a small tribute to some of its many protagonists. We hope you will enjoy it!

please don't hesitate to send your own works

 iran woman dance nomad kord kurd tehran sgiraz picture
Kurdish Dance/ Iran/ Kurdistan 
  curtsey of