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    Visa to Iran ::  Application form

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Iran visa








//Application Form place :)

Iran visa extension  is made by Foreign Affairs Bureau of Iran Law Enforcement Forces Departments around the Iran on the basis of plausible reasons and upon the approval. getting extension is some times very easy.

it likely to get a couple of weeks extension . you need to contact the  Foreign Affairs Bureau of Iran Law Enforcement Forces departments before expiration of your visa. you will be asked of your reasons for extension request, you also would need a couple of pictures 1in1 inches and paying the related costs which is about 1 to 5 $.

Iran Airport Visa:

since late 2005 Iran Foreign ministry has considered facilitating provisions for issuance the tourist visa at a few the Iran Airports. tourists can get a 15 day tourist

 visa up on arrival to one of the following airports:

places to get the airport tourist visa:

Tehran MehrAbad or Imam Khomeini airport , Shiraz Airport, Mashhad Airport, Isfahan Airport, Tabriz Airport.

Needed documents:

2 pieces of 1 in 1 inch pictures and return ticket, passport with at least 6 month validity , 50$ visa issuance fee and filling related forms at airport.

Nationalities to be granted Iran tourist visa at Airport :

 Albania, Germany, Austria, Armenia , Uzbekistan, Spain, Australia, Slovenia, Slovakia, UAE United Arabic emirates, Indonesia , Ukraine, Italy, Ireland , Bahrain, Brazil, Brunei, Belarusian , Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Peru, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, China, Denmark, Russia federation, Romania, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, France, Palestine, Finland, Philippine, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Croatia, south Korea, North Korea, Columbia, Kuwait, Georgia, Lebanon , Luxemburg, Poland, Malaysia, Hungary, Mongolia, Mexico, Norway, new Zealand, Venezuela, Vietnam, Holland  Netherlands, India, Yugoslavia, Greece.

Visa issuance service available at

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