The preparation of your customized itinerary proposal requires completing the Trip Planner to provide us with the basic elements of your travel requirements and the information necessary to formulate the proposal. Given its articulation and detail, the $100.00 (US dollars) non-refundable deposit required together with the Trip Planner is applicable to the final cost of your program. With the deposit, you're buying the services of Travel experts that have spent years developing their craft. Our expertise is the reason not only that you came to PersiaTours, but hundreds of other passengers and travel agents choose us, as well.

A draft itinerary from Iran Traveling Center represents the culmination of years of investment in knowledge and relationships with the most reputable Iranian hotels and suppliers. Even if you choose not to take the trip we design for you, your investment in the draft itinerary will help you sharpen your ideas about travel to Iran and take you far along the road toward articulating a terrific travel plan based on our expert advice.

Should you cancel your itinerary, the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. All customized itineraries - being based on the aggregation of your selected arrangements - are presented with on a cost per person basis and, being a travel package, the individual costs are not itemized.